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While we don’t have *ALL* of the details for you yet, The House of Fuego is excited to announce its upcoming New Year’s Eve event, Resurgence, a White-Themed Masquerade. We

Relocation & Rebranding

The end of 2021 was extremely eye-opening and disheartening for us, to say the least. After several months of dealing with unnecessary and unwarranted drama—and feeling like we were constantly

about us

Fuego Productions came to life in August 2018 when we started planning our first events, Fetish & Feral, which took place that December. Our decision to start a production company came from our desire to bring new DJs to Atlanta, ones that hadn’t yet played there. We had traveled quite a bit, to various events around the world, but we knew that not everyone had the same luxury—so we wanted to bring the world to them (in a manner of speaking). We named the production company Fuego because we wanted to focus on high-energy talent and production, something that brought the FIRE to the dance floor with every event.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, we decided that instead of sitting at home, bored and depressed about everything going on around us, that we’d bring the world a bit of joy while encouraging them to stay home and keep safe. We used our combined skills of marketing, promotion, branding, and broadcasting and learned the ins & outs of OBS, Twitch, Facebook Live, and Zoom. We partnered with dozens of deejays from all over the world, all non-profit, for the only purpose of raising money for a handful of charities… all while providing entertainment to our community. At one point, we reached a threshold of 6 weekly shows, and kept going strong for at least 3 months.

After lockdown, when nightlife (and life in general) rebooted, we, too, rebooted our live events with a surge of passion, producing over a dozen events throughout the course of 2021.

In mid-2021, we rebranded ourselves as The House of Fuego. While some of it was fueled by a desire to change our domain name (which tied us to Atlanta) so that we could expand and grow (even though we had already expanded with our livestreams, which were viewed by people all over the globe,), it also was fueled by our altered vision for Fuego. Instead of representing the FIRE on the dance floor, for us it now represented the FIRE burning within us all, to express love and compassion and creativity. It’s about invoking that fire to make our community—and our world—a better, kinder place through charity and art.

We have since relocated from Atlanta and now have a home in Tampa Bay — be sure to catch our in Tampa, St. Petersburg. or the rest of the Bay Area.

our mission, vision, & values

::: our mission :::

Ever since our inception, we have always given back—both inside of our community and beyond it. We have always believed in “partying with a purpose” and have always found charities that aligned with our own mission, vision, and values.

::: our vision :::

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::: our values :::

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“Let all that you do be done in love.”

I Corinthians 16:14