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Luxor with Adrian Dalera

The House of Fuego is back at Venue on 6th for an Extended “Golden” Afterhours during St. Petersburg Pride. Emerich won’t be the only

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Freedom with Alex Lo

For those of you who attended our Gasparilla event, Full Mast, you know what’s in store for you with DJ Alex Lo behind the

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past events...

Pride Vibes: Reign

Our extended Closing Party on Sunday is truly the crown on top of an already-great weekend of events, bringing you three talented artists—all of

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Pride Vibes: Dream

In 2018, we had a dream to bring diverse talent to Atlanta, extremely-skilled DJs that we had heard in other cities, but had yet

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Pride Vibes: Thrive

The green stripe in the 1979 modified, 6-color Pride Flag (created by Gilbert Baker) represented nature and growth. Now that The House of Fuego

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Pride Vibes: Blaze

Passion inflames us like a blaze, and it’s that fire burning from within that typically ignites creativity. Join us directly after Pulse (with Guy

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Pride Vibes: Pulse

From birth to death, your pulse confirms that you’re alive; it is the sign of life, of vitality, and nothing imitates the rhythmic palpitations

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