Pride Vibes: Reign

Our extended Closing Party on Sunday is truly the crown on top of an already-great weekend of events, bringing you three talented artists—all of whom are spinning for Fuego for the first time—who are sure to take you on a journey fit for even the biggest of circuit queens.

Atlanta-based DJ Kurtis José will summon all of you to the dance floor with his tribal drums and high-energy beats, sure to roll out the royal carpet and set the stage for our headlining guest Superstar DJ and Queen, the “missionary of happiness,” Brazilian DJ Anne Louise. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see her live and experience her infectious, joyful sound, then you are definitely in for a treat. Anne will relinquish her crown for our closer: Chicago-based, Hydrate Resident DJ, Ethan Cole, whose Big Room, Tel Aviv sound will surely end the weekend with a colossal bang!

Stay tuned for a Pride Vibes Promo Podcast from Ethan Cole, but check out a set from all three in the meantime…

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