Pride Vibes: Dream

In 2018, we had a dream to bring diverse talent to Atlanta, extremely-skilled DJs that we had heard in other cities, but had yet to make in appearance in the Atlanta market. From that dream, a fire ignited within us and The House of Fuego (then Fuego Productions) was born.

It’s only fitting that two of the first DJs we ever booked—Ed Wood (for our Feral afterhours—and first ever night of events) and Adrian Dalera (for our inaugural Calavera event) are headlining this Pride Vibes Saturday Afterhours to carry on our original dream in our new community.

Both are resident DJs of The House of Fuego—this being Ed’s third event and Adrian’s fourth event with us—so they know exactly the type of energy to bring to the decks. You’ll find their individual sounds and sets will blend quite harmoniously and effortlessly. By the time the night is over, your ears will think the whole experience was just a dream, though your feet might wish they could escape from the non-stop dancing nightmare!

Check out a set from each of them in the meantime…

Meet the Dancers for Dream