Pride Vibes: Thrive

The green stripe in the 1979 modified, 6-color Pride Flag (created by Gilbert Baker) represented nature and growth. Now that The House of Fuego has relocated and has been given the support from our friends and community here, we have all the elements that will allow us to THRIVE here in Tampa Bay, hence the name of our Saturday Main Event.

And we couldn’t think of two DJs more fitting to headline this event than Joe Pacheco & Isis Muretech—two talented individuals who we’ve watched grow and thrive since our first introductions to them. These two have also been huge cheerleaders of the Fuego brand in instrumental in our own growth, both donating their time and talents during the pandemic for our livestream broadcasts, which united our community and gave it an outlet to connect when we were all feeling alone and isolated, all in the name of charity. They quickly became not just our friends, but our family.

Each of them will bring the FIRE and FLOURISH they’re known for individually, but for the first time ever, these two will premiere a special, back-to-back set at some point in the night; we’re not going to reveal when—you’ll just have to come early to ensure you don’t miss it.


In the meantime, check out a set from each of them below…


Meet the Dancers for Thrive